Is life too short to work for a CEO that doesn’t get marketing?

That was the subject of a few conversations we stumbled across on Linkedin over the last few months – some posted by people that should probably know better (Note: personal opinion of Peter Craven here so if you take issue with it you know where to take your complaint).

I know, I know – the subject’s a bit click-baity (is that even a word?) but it is an interesting conversation.

As part of our LIVE series for The Future of Marketing (if you haven’t checked it out do – I promise you it’s worth it) we welcomed two of the most prominent figures in the marketing and design sectors in Northern Ireland to the studio for a discussion on the importance of understanding your customer.

How’s that relevant? – I hear you ask.

Well, as part of the discussion, I brought up the conversations going on around the idea that life is indeed too short to work for a CEO that doesn’t ‘get’ marketing.

In case you’re wondering – I keep putting ‘get’ marketing in inverted commas because after 20+ years of working in marketing I’m not sure how you would actually define ‘getting’ marketing.

Anyway – back to the point.

When I asked our 2 guests – Andi Jarvis and Gareth Dunlop – what they thought of the idea that life was too short to work for a CEO that didn’t ‘get’ marketing, this is what they said.

This video is a short extract from our LIVE series in 2021 during which we welcomed 12 guests over 6 episodes.

You can watch the full interview below

You can find out more about our upcoming webinars as well as any in-person marketing events that we have planned on our events page.

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About the author

Peter Craven is the Founder of The Future of Marketing and Bluesky Video Marketing.

He established BlueSky Video Marketing in June 2017 having spent 20 years in global marketing roles.

Peter is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a volunteer with Young Enterprise Northern Ireland, an avid Manchester United fan (it’s been a tough few years) and a man who stubbornly refuses to accept that he’s rubbish at golf and keeps trying anyway.

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