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Does customer loyalty exist or is it a pipe dream that we should forget about?

There’s an interesting discussion around customer loyalty and we spoke to Andi Jarvis of Eximo Marketing Strategy about it as part of the first series of The Future of Marketing video series.

We’ve all heard about how it’s so much more cost effective to sell more to existing customers than to acquire new ones – but just because someone has bought from us on multiple occasions does that make them a loyal customer?

Or are we creatures of convenience who will switch allegiances at the drop of a hat?

Have a watch of our video and find out what Andi had to say on the subject.

Dies customer loyalty exist? with Andi Jarvis of Eximo Marketing Strategy

What is a customer loyalty?

In the video Andi gives us his opinion on customer loyalty and argues that it’s a slightly misunderstodd concept.

He highlights the example of some of the world’s biggest brands that can probably claim without too much disagreement to have a very loyal customer base – I know we’re all probably sick of hearing the Apple example but it is a very good one in this case.

Andi goes on to highlight why he thinks that even multiple purchases over a period of time may not be an indication of customer loyalty – because as soon as you get the customer experience wrong just once, the chances are you’ll lose that customer.

Whether that be a purchase experience, a delivery experience or a usability experience, we need to pay attention to every customer touch point and make sure we are “delighting the customer” at every stage to make sure they continue to buy from us.

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