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The speakers were really fantastic. I thought it was a really good mix. Everybody brought something different.

Debbie Rymer

CIM Trainer

Let's talk about marketing job descriptions

Here's a taste of the content you can expect from us.

We spoke to Gil David, Founder of Facebook Ads agency, Run DMG as part of our BlueSky Thinking video series and asked him to talk to us about something that really winded him up.

He chose Digital Marketing Job Descriptions - and this is what he said.

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It's a fair question - so we've got A's for your Q's

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The Future of Marketing is for anyone thinking of a career in marketing or currently studying for a marketing qualification.

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We will help you choose the right internship, secure your first graduate role and continue to learn as your career progresses.

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We produce a variety of content including video interviews, Q&A articles, blog posts and white papers - as well as hosting a series of online and in-person events (when the time is right).

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The Future of Marketing is built by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals. Our contributors are people who are currently doing the marketing job in a variety of sectors, countries and organisation types.

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We will always produce free access content for members as well as offering the opportunity to take paid courses and attend in-person events.

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