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Our content series now includes a monthly live streamed event featuring our ambassadors.

You will find below the details of the previous events in the series along with details of how you can register for future events.

November 2022: Retail Marketing

On the eve of Black Friday 2022 we thought we’d talk about retail marketing and welcomed Anne Marie Black from The Agnew Group and Clare Beswick from The Abbey Centre.

Anne-Marie is Senior Digital Markting Manager with The Agnew Group which is one of the largest car dealers in Northern Ireland.

We spoke to her about the new disruptors in the car buying market like Cinch and Cazoo.

We also spoke about the car buying journey and how digital technology has changed the buying process.

Clare is Marketing Manager with The Abbey Centre – a shopping centre near Belfast.

Clare talked to us about her role of ensuring that the centre has the footfall they need in order to keep all the centre tenants happy.

She also spoke about the learning experience from Covid in relation to the shopping that people are most likely to do in person.

November 2022: Brand Management

For our focus on brand management we invited Aisling Bremner and Jane Roper to be our guests.

Aisling is a brand strategy consultant having previously held senior marketing and brand management roles with Heinz, C&C, Keylite, Queen’s University Belfast and Dale Farm.

Jane is head of marketing and communications at Co-ownership – a not for profit organisation that helps people to become home owners.

September 2022: Social Media for Good

Social Media gets a bad rap sometimes – so we thought we’d kick off the 2022/23 LIVE series for The Future of Marketing by taking a look at some of the best examples of how social media has been used for good.

Our guest was Ashleigh Watson – founder of Copper Square Communications and also the Social Media Savvy event that happens annually in Belfast.

Ashleigh and our host, Peter Craven will take a walk through the  Top 14 examples of when social media has demonstrated the good that it can do.

We looked across channels and also focused on the big and small issues. From helping raise awareness of some of our biggest global challenges to just making our daily lives a little bit easier.

June 2022: Learning on the job

The final webinar of the 21/22 live series focused on the approach to ongoing learning that is a common feature of the career of a marketer.

Our first guest on this episode was Lizandra Holanda, Marketing Manager with CDE – a Northern Ireland company that designs and manufactures equipment for the global quarrying, mining and recycling sectors.

Lizandra is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has worked for CDE since 2015 when she moved to Northern Ireland from Brazil. 

Our second guest was Colleen O’Donnell – founder of Marque Digital Marketing. Colleen founded her agency in 2018 after working in a variety of graduate marketing roles in Ireland after graduating from the Communications, Advertising and Marketing degree from Ulster University.

April 2022: Influencer Marketing

Our 5th webinar of 2022 focused on Influencer Marketing and our guests were Emma Leckie – Social Media Marketing Manager at New Life Teeth – and Jolene Kelly, Director of Services at Fetch Ireland.

As well as her role with New Life Teeth, Emma also works as an influencer herself and she shared her experience of how she started, choosing what brands to work with and the expected results from the work she does.

Jolene spoke to us about the Fetch Ireland platform which allows a community of influencers access to details of the various influencer campaigns that companies and organisations across Ireland are looking for support with.

March 2022: Purpose Driven Marketing

Before the COVID-19 pandemic marketing with purpose was everywhere – then we all started drowning in the sea of PPE that was essential to help keep people safe.

There are some that heralded this as the end of the conversation on purpose and sustainability as businesses and society in general had bigger problems to deal with.

In this episode we spoke to Tim Monroe of Smiley Monroe and Gillian McKee of Giraffe Associates about the future for purpose driven marketing.

We talk about how businesses can start their sustainability journey without greenwashing, where reponsibility should lie within the organisation for sustainable business practices and whether our customers care as much about this as we think they do.

March 2022: Email Marketing - Top Tips

This was the first episode in a new ‘Top Tips’ series designed to help you to be the best marketer you can be.

We welcomed Simon Harper from SRH Design to talk to use about email marketing – something he is very well placed to do as a result of being a Mailchimp partner.

We talk about the challenges of building your email list, creating subject lines that make people want to read more, newsletter design, automation sequences and the metrics that matter.

March 2022: How to deal with Imposter Syndrome

The second episode of our 2022 series focused on how to deal with Imposter Syndrome and our guest was Marcus Hunter-Neill.

Marcus is founder of the UCan Network and is an experienced coach and mentor. He spoke to us about his own experience as well as outlining tools and techniques that you can use to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

January 2022: The Freelancing Episode

We kicked off the 2022 LIVE series with a rebrand – and a focus on Freelancing.

The decision to be a Freelancer is one that is the chosen path of an increasing number of marketing graduates so we thought we’d speak to 2 people who had some experience to share.

Our first guest is Francesca Morelli, Co-Founder of Va  Va Influence – an influencer marketing agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We’re also joined by Josh McAvoy – Co-Founder of Aura – a digital animation studio from Belfast that he founded while still a student. Josh has been freelancing since he was 15 years old so despite his youth, he has some valuable experience to share.

November 2021: Sector Focus - PR & Communications

This sector focus on careers in PR & Communications features Deborah King, Managing Director of King Communication and Katherine McCloskey, Customer Engagement & Campaigns Manager with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

We spoke about the range of PR & Communications roles that they have both had during the careers as well as the differences between the in-house and agency roles.

November 2021: Sector Focus - The Arts

For Episiode 4 of our LIVE series we took a look at marketing careers in the Arts sector and our guest was Michelle Baird – Head of Marketing and Corporate Fundraising for the Ulster Orchestra.

We walked through Michelle’s career experience prior to the role with the Orchestra and also talked about the specific skills needed to succeed in the Arts sector when doing the marketing job.

October 2021: Choosing the right internship

The October episode of The Future of Marketing LIVE series focused on marketing internships.

As 2nd year students return this year the focus turns to securing their internship or placement for the 2022/23 year and we wanted to help.

We invited 2 marketers who had recent experience of an internship to talk to us about the roles they secured and the value they gained from the experience.

Sophie Kennedy is currently a final year student at Ulster University in Northern Ireland and she is studying on the Communications, Advertising and Marketing degree.

Sophie completed her internship with ESPN, working on the ESPN Player – a sports streaming service covering a wide range of US sports.

Jamie Gordon is currently in his first graduate marketing role with Belfast tech company, Datactics.

He graduated from Ulster University in 2020 with a 1st Class Honours degree in Marketing and did a number of internships during his studies – one with a Belfast based digital publishing company and another with a specialist marketing agency.

August 2021: Skills Focus - You are not your customer

On 26th August 2021 we welcomed Andi Jarvis of Eximo Marketing Strategy and Gareth Dunlop of Fathom to our LIVE series to talk about what Mark Ritson once called “the first rule of marketing” – You are not your customer.

We talked about how the UX design process can ensure that you keep your customer at the centre of the decisions you make about the marketing assets you create.

We also talked about the enduring value of customer research to ensure that decisions around products and services were not made based on internal opinions and design preferences but real data about the problems your customers are having and how you can help them to solve them.

July 2021: Sector Focus - Retail & E-Commerce Marketing

Our Sector Focus on retail and e-commerce marketing features 3 panel guests.

Kevin Traynor is the founder of the E-Comm Live event which takes place in Belfast on 22nd and 23rd September 2021.

Corey Lendrum is PPC Lead at Codefixer, a Belfast based agency specialising in Google Ads and SEO.

Our third panel guest will be announced soon.

June 2021: Careers in Marketing - How to stand out from the crowd

We are joined for our first live event by Joanne Faloon & Jamie Gordon to talk about how you can stand out from the crowd when looking for your ideal marketing job or internship.

Joanne is a lecturer in Communications, Advertising & Marketing at Ulster University having previously held senior marketing roles in the food & drink, publishing and engineering sectors.

Jamie graduated from Ulster University in 2020 with a First Class Honours degree in Marketing and has just celebrated 1 year as a marketing executive with Belfast software company, Datactics.

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