This free course of The Future of Marketing video series features Ryan Clarke of Statsports talking to us about customer journey planning and how they run YouTube video advertising campaigns.

Ryan talk to us about how he works as part of the Statsports marketing team to understand their different customer segments and works with the creative team to develop different assets for each stage of the buyer journey.

YouTube video advertising campaigns are the fastest growing advertising revenue platform for The Alphabet Group and in this video you will hear about:

Ryan’s career journey before he started working for Statsports

The importance of a great product in attracting Ryan to Statsports

Building top of funnel awareness campaigns to educate the market

Designing conversion campaigns at the bottom of the funnel

The importance of understanding the full customer journey

The different messaging required at each stage of the sales process

Behaviour = motivation, ability and prompt

The influence of seasonality on campaign structure

Knowing when to walk way

The effect of complex campaign structures on the creative process

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