Social media algorithms have been a hot topic for marketers for years. With changing rules and content preferences across all platforms, it can be hard to know what exactly to post if you want to have your content seen by the masses. So how exactly can a marketer ensure they are keeping up with the Algorithm?

Social media algorithms essentially push the most relevant content onto individual user’s feeds. They are there to ensure users see the videos, text and images which are most relevant to them, therefore retaining their interest and keeping them on the site longer. The content a user gets recommended is largely based on their previous search history and usually contains posts by the account the user interacts with most.

This comes with its pros and cons for marketers. For example, if an individual has been spending a lot of time looking at makeup products, it could make it easier to reach them with videos about a new mascara. However, even though that same individual may be interested in purchasing a new phone, if their search history doesn’t reflect that, marketers may find it difficult to reach them through social media regardless of how useful they may find it.

Another issue with social media algorithms is that they are constantly changing. A few weeks ago Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram was no longer going to be just a photo sharing app like we’ve come to know and love. Instead, they were going to make big changes to the algorithm so users are recommended more full screen videos instead of usual pictures of celebrities, influencers, family and friends.

These changes came after Mosseri noticed the surge in popularity of TikTok and Youtube during COVID restrictions and decided that he wanted to make Instagram an ‘all-in-one’ entertainment centre rather than just a photo sharing website. 

For marketers, this means big changes are coming along. In order to ensure the highest visibility, their focus is going to have to shift to more video-based content. There are also going to be new features to become familiar with as well as an increased focus on Instagram’s eCommerce features. 

Overall, big changes to popular social media sites can be hard to predict. In order to ensure marketers give their brands and products the best chance of success, they need to be reviewing the algorithm updates on a frequent bases and making changes to their own social media strategies in response. 

Natasha Carlyle is a Marketing Intern at The Future of Marketing and current Business Management student at the Open University.

Having completed a degree in Business Economics at Queen’s University Belfast in 2016, Natasha spent a number of years working abroad in various PR and Event Management Roles before deciding to return home and pursue a career in Marketing.

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