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Interactive video software makes sure you get maximum bang for your buck when it comes to the video content you create. Increase engagement, click-thru-rates and conversions by building interactive video projects that put the viewer back in control of what they watch and when.

Our friends over at BlueSky Video Marketing have recently invested in new software that allows them to build interactive video projects to help your video content stand out.

Check out the video for a quick intro to how interactive video works and the results you can expect.

It’s getting more and more difficult to get your video content noticed as a reuslt of the volume of it now available on websites and social media channels.

And that’s where interactive video comes in.

Interactive video puts the viewer back in control of what they watch and when.

Whether you want to get more value from your existing video assets or you’ve got a new video project that interactive video can help with there are many ways to get started.

  • Create your own interaction screens
  • Use specific calls to action 
  • Embed links to your website, landing pages or any other external URL

About the Author:

Peter Craven is the Founder of The Future of Marketing and Bluesky Video Marketing.

He established BlueSky Video Marketing in June 2017 having spent 20 years in global marketing roles.

Peter is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a volunteer with Young Enterprise Northern Ireland, an avid Manchester United fan (it’s been a tough few years) and a man who stubbornly refuses to accept that he’s rubbish at golf and keeps trying anyway.

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