As part of Future Skills Week 2021 by Ulster University our friends over at BlueSky Video Marketing delivered 2 online workshops on how to build your own video CV to help you stand out from the crowd.

On this course you will find recordings of each of these workshops and the content of each is outlined below:

Workshop 1: Build your own Video CV

1 – Context and scene setting – why a video CV will help you stand out from the crowd

2 – Understanding your audience – walking in the shoes of your audience and how that helps you create a video CV which will grab their attention

3 – Script structure and length – 2 x different script structures you can use in your video CV to keep your audience engaged

4 – Preparation required before Workshop 2 – what you’ll need to do in advance of workshop 2

Workshop 2: Build your own Video CV

1 – Recap on workshop 1 – revisiting the work we did at workshop 1 on storytelling styles and script structure

2 – Reviewing our scripts – workshop participants take us through the work they have done to create their Video CV scripts

3 – An introduction to storyboarding – why storyboarding is important and how you can do it

4 – Interactive storyboarding sessions – breakout groups where participants discuss some storyboarding options for their scripts

5 – Selecting Music – the things you need to consider when choosing music for your video CV

6 – Stock footage resources – the online libraries you can use to find high quality footage for your video CV

7 – Editing your video – some of the editing packages you can use

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